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Where Are the Training Videos?

17 Mar 2016

Recently, I conducted a TTT program and one of my participants, a veteran Affiliate Trainer on another age level, asked me where her participants could find the practice videos. She knew that it was important for them to review the videos as they prepared to test, but she wasn’t sure how to help them find them.

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The Fake Friend vs. The Real Friend: Making the Training Material Relatable

14 Mar 2016

Every time I train, I always try to find ways to make the materials relatable to the participants’ lives, either by telling stories or by giving context to the materials.  Recently, I found a new way to introduce the manual and the trifold: a way to help participants understand the difference between the two.

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Introducing Your New Affiliate Trainer Support Page!

10 Mar 2016

In New Supports for Affiliate Trainers in 2016, we promised to ramp up our support for CLASS Affiliate Trainers this year. We're sticking to our word by developing new resources to help you become stronger and more confident trainers. One of those new resources is our brand new Affiliate Trainer Support Page, your exclusive one-stop shop for bonus resources that we've developed with you in mind.

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More Tips to Help Your CLASS Trainees Prepare for Reliability

03 Mar 2016

As CLASS trainers, we want our participants to successfully certify. However, we also know that no matter how good our training skills, there’s a reasonable chance that some of our participants will not certify on the first round of testing. That’s typical and not a reflection on the trainer.

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I’ve Completed My Training. I’m Done, Right?

29 Feb 2016

"I’ve completed my training. I’m done... right?"

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Top 6 CLASS Myths Your Trainees May Have

18 Feb 2016

Your trainees arrive to CLASS Observation Trainings with different backgrounds, perspectives, and biases. They may also come with some misunderstandings about the tool. Confusion before CLASS Observation Training is understandable- after all, they don't know the tool yet, and they're probably afraid of that infamous reliability test. It's important for trainers to be aware of common misconceptions and to respond in ways that actually result in deepening trainees' understanding of CLASS. Here are 6 of the most popular CLASS myths and ways you can respond to them:

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Become a Guest Blogger

16 Feb 2016

Love writing? Blog with us! 

Have you ever considered sharing your training tips or experiences with your fellow Affiliate Trainers? Well, now you can! 

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Remaining Objective: Moving Beyond “I Felt Like...”

12 Feb 2016

Personal biases can challenge observers assessing the quality of teacher-child interactions with the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS). IAssessment in Early Childhood, author Sue Wortham (2005) states that “one cause of observer bias is differences in value systems. It is easy to apply one’s own value system when observing in a school” (pg.114).

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It’s Okay to Be Wrong!

08 Feb 2016

“It’s okay to be wrong! In fact, I want you to make mistakes!” I say that phrase in every Observation Training. What’s the worst thing that can happen if you are off by more than one on a code? NOTHING! You just have the opportunity to learn from that mistake.

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Meet Our New Teachstone Trainers

04 Feb 2016

In December, we welcomed four full-time trainers and one part-time trainer to our growing training team! While they come from a variety of backgrounds, each trainer comes with a wealth of CLASS knowledge. We are extremely excited to introduce our new trainers to the CLASS community! Read below to learn more about them.

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