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VLOG: Scaffolding the Notetaking Process, Part 1

31 Mar 2016

Sometimes your CLASS Observation trainees may feel shy or unconfident about sharing their thoughts during training. This is especially true for many trainees who are new to CLASS. 

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March Affiliate Trainer Spotlight: Kari Price

28 Mar 2016

At some of our recent Lunch and Learns, Affiliate Trainers indicated that they would be interested in learning more about their fellow ATs and the kinds of things they are doing with the CLASS outside of training. In response, we are introducing a new feature we are calling our “Affiliate Trainer Spotlight!” We agree that it would be a fun for all of us to learn more about our Affiliate Trainers and the kind of work that they are doing to promote the use of the CLASS in their communities. If you would like to be featured, or if you would like to nominate a colleague for this spotlight, please get in touch with us at contact@teachstone.com. 

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3 Free Resources to Share with Trainees New to CLASS

21 Mar 2016

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me to explain what my company does. I get so excited and I start off with something like this: “Oh, we create professional development programs for teachers that are based around this assessment tool called CLASS (the Classroom Assessment Scoring System), which is all about observing how teachers interact with the students in their classrooms. You know, like, are the teachers maintaining a positive climate? Are they really clear in how they want their students to behave?”

. . . and I’ve just gotten a glazed-over look from whomever I'm speaking with. My excitement for CLASS results in too much information being thrown at them way too fast.

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Where Are the Training Videos?

17 Mar 2016

Recently, I conducted a TTT program and one of my participants, a veteran Affiliate Trainer on another age level, asked me where her participants could find the practice videos. She knew that it was important for them to review the videos as they prepared to test, but she wasn’t sure how to help them find them.

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The Fake Friend vs. The Real Friend: Making the Training Material Relatable

14 Mar 2016

Every time I train, I always try to find ways to make the materials relatable to the participants’ lives, either by telling stories or by giving context to the materials.  Recently, I found a new way to introduce the manual and the trifold: a way to help participants understand the difference between the two.

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Introducing Your New Affiliate Trainer Support Page!

10 Mar 2016

In New Supports for Affiliate Trainers in 2016, we promised to ramp up our support for CLASS Affiliate Trainers this year. We're sticking to our word by developing new resources to help you become stronger and more confident trainers. One of those new resources is our brand new Affiliate Trainer Support Page, your exclusive one-stop shop for bonus resources that we've developed with you in mind.

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It’s Not the WHAT, but the HOW at a School Cafeteria during Lunchtime

08 Mar 2016

It's true, school cafeterias have a bad rap. Experiences in cafeterias have contributed to some low CLASS scores. For example, one observer was scoring a group of preschoolers in a public school cafeteria where all the children were required to be silent during lunch. One can hardly score high on Language Modeling or other CLASS dimensions when the children are asked to sit in silence!

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More Tips to Help Your CLASS Trainees Prepare for Reliability

03 Mar 2016

As CLASS trainers, we want our participants to successfully certify. However, we also know that no matter how good our training skills, there’s a reasonable chance that some of our participants will not certify on the first round of testing. That’s typical and not a reflection on the trainer.

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I’ve Completed My Training. I’m Done, Right?

29 Feb 2016

"I’ve completed my training. I’m done... right?"

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5 CLASS Reliability Test Hacks to Share with Your Trainees

23 Feb 2016

Let’s skip past all the reasons reliability on the CLASS measure is super important. Your CLASS trainees already know that improving teaching starts with gathering fair and valid observation data—hence the dreaded CLASS reliability test, to prove their coding skills are on point.  

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