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A Look Back at InterAct 2017

11 Apr 2018 by Liz Savage

The 2018 InterAct CLASS Summit is less than a week away! The badges are made, boxes are packed, and swag bags are ready. We’re very excited. Now is also a good time to do a little reflecting. I reached out to LuAnn LaCava, who attended the 2017 InterAct Summit, to learn about her experience and perspective. LuAnn has been involved in early childhood education since 1987. After spending 13 years in a preschool classroom she became a curriculum specialist and is now coaching Head Start and Early Head Start staff.

What was your favorite part of attending?

Meeting and networking with people that share the same passion that I do about CLASS. The presentations that validated everything I was trying to accomplish as a coach was refreshing. 

What's something you learned?

That CLASS can go much deeper, and that it needed to be attacked at different levels to meet the needs of each teacher. I learned more about the true value that myTeachstone could be to teachers. I made it a personal mission to let others in my agency know the value of it and why it was a must to add to our professional development.

What were you surprised by?

The different levels of information delivered. There truly was something for everyone! The professionalism was top notch. 

What's something you wish you knew before you went?

How much my passion for CLASS would grow. I think I'm more of a CLASS nerd now.

This year, the InterAct Summit has grown again. We have 300 attendees from 34 states and four countries attending. And LuAnn is coming back to InterAct! She’ll enjoy attending sessions but is also helping present with the CLASS Community Advisory Board. If you see her, say hi!