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Revamp Your Classroom Over Winter Break

12 Nov 2018 by Caitlin Neely

Back in July, Mary-Margaret Gardiner and Sarah Hadden presented a webinar with Kaplan about how teachers can use classroom setups to create teachable moments. If you missed it the first time around, I'd recommend giving the webinar a watch. It provides classroom organization tips that are helpful all year round.

You can design a classroom that provides engagement, connection, and opportunities to learn more about their world in an educational and fun way. And it doesn't require hours of crafting the perfect Pinterest pins (but if that's your jam, we've got a Pinterest board you'll love!). Your curriculum, materials, and interactions with your students all shape a classroom. How can you use materials to promote learning and engage with the children in your classroom? How can you foster a classroom community through instruction and curriculum? All of these ideas and more create more effective classrooms and, ultimately, can help improve outcomes.

It's never too late to in the school year to develop more effective interactions in the classroom. And the way your classroom is setup is a great place to start.

Using Your Classroom Setup to Create Teachable Moments

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