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Teachstone Appoints Mike Benzian as Chief Product Officer

09 Jun 2014 by Lisa Rogoff

Teachstone, a leader in early childhood training and certification, announced today that Mike Benzian has joined the company as Chief Product Officer. In this role, Benzian will oversee Teachstone’s product and marketing strategy and lead the company’s product development, product management, and marketing teams. He will articulate and execute this product strategy and ensure the continued evolution and growth of Teachstone’s suite of training and professional development products.

“Bringing on Mike as Chief Product Officer demonstrates our commitment to investing in the right products and services to solve the early education market’s complex challenges,” said Brad Groff, CEO of Teachstone. “With his entrepreneurial spirit, executive business leadership, and proven ability to execute, Mike will advance our mission. I look forward to seeing us continue to develop the innovative, high-quality programs for educators that are our foundation.”

Co-founder and Board Member Bob Pianta added, “We are thrilled that Mike has joined the Teachstone team. We believe that his passion for early childhood education, combined with his product and go-to-market experience, will take Teachstone to the next level. These strengths will inspire our products, marketing, and R&E teams to continue pushing the envelope when it comes to the design, fit, and function of our products.”

Benzian is an experienced entrepreneur and product builder with over 20 years of experience in building new companies and growing existing businesses. Before joining Teachstone, he served as an executive with Silverchair Holdings and was the President of Silverchair Learning Systems, an eLearning company. Throughout his career, he has built and led teams that have distilled complex market needs into engaging and meaningful product offerings. Benzian holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Darden Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia.

“I am excited to join Teachstone. It makes so much sense that the right instruction begins with the right interactions,” said Benzian. “There’s no question that teachers understand the content they’re teaching, but we need to help them bridge the gap between that content knowledge and their ability to connect and build meaningful relationships with children. I look forward to being part of a company that makes a substantial difference in the lives of children.”