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Supporting Teacher-Student Interactions with Our New Spanish Translations

18 Nov 2019 by Caitlin Neely

You likely know children in your schools and local neighborhoods who are dual-language learners—eager to explore and whose parents want the best opportunities for them in school and in life. But did you know dual-language learners in the U.S. make up 32% of children under the age of five?

Every child, no matter their background, deserves better teacher-child interactions. To help fulfill this need, Teachstone is committed to training teachers who will serve Spanish-speaking communities.

Our Spanish Suite Is Now Available

We’re excited to announce our new Spanish Suite -  a variety of products and trainings that have been translated into Spanish, including: 

Learn More About the Spanish Suite

We currently offer Spanish-language CLASS materials for teachers and are expanding our offerings with the development of Spanish-language resources for coaches, observers, and leaders as well.

To ensure the Spanish translations accurately communicate the intent of CLASS and the terminology, we assembled a group of Spanish-speaking experts to closely align Spanish CLASS terminology to the English terms. 

We also added more videos from Spanish-speaking classrooms to strengthen professional development for teachers.

How Teachstone Clients are Using the Spanish Suite

Organizations in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico are already using our Spanish CLASS Dictionary and Strategy Cards to build high quality teacher-child interactions in their classrooms. They’re also excited to begin CLASS Group Coaching training using the new materials and have discussed how much easier it is to train teachers when they can watch videos and read the materials in their own language. 

Thanks to the Spanish suite, our clients now have a variety of Spanish resources and materials that allow them to support the diverse communities they serve. We can’t wait to hear from more organizations on how they’re incorporating the Spanish Suite into their professional development plans.

CLASS Community for Spanish Speakers

Our new Spanish-speaking CLASS Community on Facebook provides support and connection for Spanish-speakers and organizations using CLASS. It’s the perfect group for admins, teachers, coaches, observers, and trainers! There’s also El Blog de Teachstone for Spanish-speakers and a wide variety of free Spanish resources.

Read the Press Release

If you have any questions about the Spanish Suite or about using CLASS, please reach out! We’d love to help you get started with CLASS or show you how to incorporate these new products into your CLASS journey.

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