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The Most Important Asset an Educator Can Have

03 Jan 2018 by Emily Doyle

Think about the biggest challenge you’re facing in your role today.

Perhaps it’s handling teacher turnover, managing your time while coaching over large geographic regions, or dealing with the disappointment of not seeing the results you thought you might see when you implemented that new professional development program.

Now, think about what it is you do best in your job.

Maybe you are a master planner—putting together implementation pathways and schedules for your program’s new family engagement initiative. Or maybe you’re just really skilled in explaining the nuances of the CLASS tool—and people ask for your advice all the time as they are developing their reliability skills or new classroom strategies. 

Whatever it is you struggle with—or bring to the table—there is an online community that wants to hear from you. Recently, we developed The CLASS Learning Community. The idea was simple: provide a space for all CLASS users (beginners to experts) to come together to connect and share questions, stories, ideas, or support. And the response so far has been overwhelming. People are requesting to join and inviting their friends every single day.

I’m sharing this with you, our blog readers, for three reasons:

  1. If you are already a part of the Affiliate Trainer or CLASS Community on Facebook, please know that these are not going away. We will continue to facilitate those groups so you can find support and inspiration that is specific to delivering those training programs.
  2. If you have CLASS interest, big or small, that extends beyond the scope of your specific duties as an affiliate trainer, teacher, or MMCI instructor—then I encourage you to join and share your story. As CLASS educators, you are some of the biggest advocates and experts I know, so I’m confident the broader CLASS Learning Community will benefit from your insights.
  3. You probably work with a lot of people who are figuring out how CLASS fits into their work and want to make the most of the resources available to them (for example, most of the people you probably train). If that’s true, then make sure you invite them to join the CLASS Community by sending them this link.

Just the other day, I spoke to a PD manager who oversees professional development for an entire state’s department of early childhood education. She told me that beyond any trainings or tools—a teacher’s best asset is the support of other teachers and educators. I hope Teachstone can help provide that asset—and I hope you’ll get on board!

Introducing the CLASS Learning Community