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Encouraging Early Education Success in Dual Language Learners

01 Sep 2016

Through daily language interactions, bilingual parents permanently shape their young children’s cultural understanding by embracing not one, but two cultures. Adapting to a second culture isn’t easy for anyone—especially young children, as their language skills are still developing.

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Reflections from InterAct: A CLASS Summit

19 May 2016

When my team and I got on the plane to return home from Chicago after attending the first InterAct: A CLASS Summit, we felt a renewed sense of excitement.

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Interactions Matter—Even Outside the Classroom

05 Nov 2015

On February 1, 2015, Early Learning Ventures (ELV) became Colorado’s newest Early Head Start Grantee. Combining the comprehensive nature of Early Head Start services with our Shared Services Model, we are primed to serve 240 children and families in four distinct Colorado counties. To date, we have signed contracts with 26 licensed childcare programs, 11 childcare homes, and 15 centers, and we are still growing. On October 20, 2015, ELV’s enrollment reached the big TWO-ZERO-ZERO (200)—83% of our funded enrollment!

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Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership Case Study: One Program’s Comprehensive Approach

08 Jul 2015

As part of the recent federal Early Head Start–Child Care Partnership grant initiative, Early Learning Ventures (ELV) was awarded an annual grant of $3.1 million to serve 240 children and families in Arapahoe, Garfield, Mesa, and Pueblo counties in Colorado. ELV will combine the comprehensive nature of Early Head Start services with our shared services model, which uses networks of independent child care centers and family child care providers to promote business efficiencies and quality among small providers in each community. Approximately 30–40 licensed child care centers and family child care homes (approximately 60–70 classrooms) will participate in this innovative model to increase program quality as well as school readiness for all children and families. With the idea that school readiness is a shared responsibility and that quality improvement is much broader than what occurs in the classroom or by any one individual, the ELV Partnership model affords an equitable distribution of resources for participating child care providers. The ELV Partnership model supports programs in five areas that are key to program quality: 

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Should I Share CLASS Scores With my Teachers?

12 Jun 2015

In an environment where data is becoming more prevalent and influential in the decision-making process of programming, funding, professional development and career decisions, it is important to maintain a balance between valuation and conversation.   

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Ready, Set, Coach! Steps to Developing a Successful Coaching Model

01 Jun 2015

We love hearing how organizations are using CLASS data to improve their teaching practices and interactions— and there isn't a one-size-fits-all model. In this post Teresa Oster, one of our ambassadors, explains how her colleagues from Head Start of Northeastern Nevada (HSNN) used CLASS data and their own coaching techniques to make some great improvements in their teacher-child interactions and CLASS scores. 

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The Importance of Data in the ECE Community

11 May 2015

Being a Teachstone Ambassador.

Back in March, I was given an extraordinary opportunity to connect with Teachstone via its Ambassador initiative. What’s particularly exciting is the notion of engaging with an organization and others that share my passion and dedication to improving the professionalism of early care and education teachers. The results of the dialogue among the Teachstone team, other Ambassadors and I will be far-reaching, touching our respective audiences across the profession in a meaningful and positive way.

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Five Steps to Continuous Quality Improvement

04 May 2015

Earlier this month, at the National Head Start Association conference in DC, I had the opportunity to speak with Teachstone’s Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are one of our investments in making sure we are always listening to the profession we strive to support, the teachers.

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Differentiating Professional Development for Teachers Starting on Day 1

27 Apr 2015

One of the things I keep in mind when developing PD for teachers is to start at the beginning. This isn’t the beginning of the year, the Training Period Evaluation, and it’s definitely not the Annual Evaluation. It’s the first touch a teacher has with my organization.

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A BA Is Necessary but Not Sufficient

24 Apr 2015

Editor's Note: This blog post was written by Teachstone Ambassador Teri Talan for the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership on April 10, 2015. You can read the original post here.

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