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Highlights and Updates from QRIS

20 Feb 2017

Incremental growth matters!

As anyone who has been to a CLASS training can attest, we are all about incremental growth, resisting the urge to promise a “quick-fix.” But, it can be hard to resist the urge to promise overnight changes, even though many indications point to slow, steady improvement being more likely to lead to lasting change.

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A Glimpse Into Video Diversity at Teachstone

15 Feb 2017

As the Content Asset Manager at Teachstone, I spent most of my time managing our classroom videos. So when I talk to CLASS users in the field, I am frequently asked about the amount of racial, ethnic, and regional diversity in our video collections. When I respond, I usually begin by explaining that creating products that reflect the diversity of classrooms and communities across the country is a core value for Teachstone. 

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Our Future Workforce: Why Instructional Support Matters More Than Ever

29 Nov 2016

Regardless of how you voted in the recent election, it’s fair to say the results revealed deep differences in how Americans view the economy and their place in it.

A quick look at the numbers suggests overall job growth and lower unemployment since 2008’s recession. But taking a closer look, the jobs that did increase were either low-paying/low-skill OR required a college degree which is increasingly difficult to afford.

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The Results Are In: State of CLASS 2015

22 Mar 2016

As I began to delve into the results of our first-ever State of CLASS survey data, I thought, “Am I about to be out of a job?”

Immediately I noticed that our users are “doing CLASS” the right way.  Not only do they have lots of experience—both in early childhood and with the CLASS tool—but they’ve taken that experience, paired it with what they know to be best practice, and are implementing CLASS just as it was intended: as a tool to measure the effectiveness of classroom interactions and as a way to improve teacher practice and drive children’s learning.  

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Back to School: A Time for Leaders to Reflect and Plan

02 Sep 2015

I grew up in Plymouth, Michigan, and the first day of school was always the Tuesday after Labor Day. As I moved south, I was surprised that the first day of school could range from August 1 to September 7. My children started eighth (gasp!) and fourth grade last week, and I must admit that I am struggling with the end of summer! I am sure many of you are going through a similar transition, but one thing I have learned about transitions is that they are a perfect time to reflect and plan for what is to come. Therefore, I am dedicating today’s blog to school administers—principals, center directors, Head Start directors—the leaders who pull everything together and make the buses run, the clocks tick, and the copy machines whirl.

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A Brief Interview with NHSA's Vanessa Rich

10 Jul 2015

When we were in Chicago in July, 2015, we caught up with Vanessa Rich, the President of the National Head Start Association and the Deputy Commissioner, Family & Support Services for the City of Chicago. I had the opportunity to ask her about how she leverages data to make decisions about professional development for teachers. Vanessa believes that in Chicago, and across Head Start, reflection is the most important link between data and improvement efforts.

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Should I Share CLASS Scores With my Teachers?

12 Jun 2015

In an environment where data is becoming more prevalent and influential in the decision-making process of programming, funding, professional development and career decisions, it is important to maintain a balance between valuation and conversation.   

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Is the CLASS Tool Subjective?

18 May 2015

Have you ever thought that the CLASS tool seemed subjective? Perhaps you’ve coded with another certified observer and come up with very different scores for the same classroom? Maybe you’ve struggled with the reliability test or CLASS Calibration and felt that it was due to you seeing the classroom in a different light or interpreting certain situations differently? You’re not alone. Many observers have been there.

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The Importance of Data in the ECE Community

11 May 2015

Being a Teachstone Ambassador.

Back in March, I was given an extraordinary opportunity to connect with Teachstone via its Ambassador initiative. What’s particularly exciting is the notion of engaging with an organization and others that share my passion and dedication to improving the professionalism of early care and education teachers. The results of the dialogue among the Teachstone team, other Ambassadors and I will be far-reaching, touching our respective audiences across the profession in a meaningful and positive way.

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Cracking the Code: How to Interpret the CLASS Score Report as a Coach

29 Apr 2015

Does the CLASS score report look like gibberish to you? Are you unsure of how to interpret the data and turn it into a usable form for coaching purposes? Let us be your Rosetta Stone.

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