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A Message about our Home—Charlottesville

14 Aug 2017

Image by Dani Antol Co-owner, Rock Paper Scissors

This weekend the city that Teachstone calls home was taken over by hatred. Some of us witnessed the violence first hand. Others watched from afar through social media and television willing that our friends and coworkers would be safe.  

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with thoughts of support and prayers.  All members of our Charlottesville team are physically safe. Emotionally, we are all struggling to understand how this could happen in our city, our state, and our country. The images that you saw on television are not the images of the city that we know and love.

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How Will President Trump's Budget Blueprint Affect Early Childhood Education?

17 Mar 2017


At the end of February, I had the great privilege of attending the annual National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Public Policy Forum as part of my state team, the Connecticut Association for the Education of Young Children (CTAEYC). The field was well-represented: teaching staff and administrators, as well as professional development providers and advocates from a non-profit campus-based child care center, a family child care, a non-profit hospital-based child care center, a for-profit child care center, and two training, support, and research centers for early childhood programs in Connecticut.

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Support Teachers to Increase Learning...Duh!

07 Dec 2016


Personally, I get tired of the knee-jerk teacher bashing that often occurs when people compare U.S. student achievement to that in other countries. It is true that by many measures, U.S. education results lag behind those of other developed nations. But, guess what? There are good reasons for that, and those reasons suggest tangible, attainable solutions for education leaders.

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Teachstone and Sesame Workshop Are Getting to the Heart of Great Teaching Together

06 Sep 2016


As a former teacher and teacher educator, I deeply understand the tremendous impact that a high-quality teacher can have on the lives of children and their families. But I also understand how difficult the job of teaching can be every hour of every day of every week of every year. So many teachers enter and stay in the classroom without the ongoing professional development they need to stay current with research and strategies that can help them perform their craft to its fullest potential. Even those who are provided professional development by their school district or program often experience stale, “one and done” workshops that are not integrated into a larger learning curriculum and that are, at best, dry and uninspiring.

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Ecuador a través del lente CLASS

17 Jun 2016

¿Sabías que CLASS se utiliza en más de 30 países alrededor del mundo? Estudios a nivel mundial han demostrado que CLASS es una herramienta válida en diversos contextos culturales. Nos da gusto lanzar un blog internacional llamado Punto de Mira, el cual está dedicado a destacar el uso global de CLASS. Si vives fuera de los Estados Unidos y te interesa compartir la experiencia de tu implementación de CLASS en nuestro blog, por favor, contacte a Lorena Sernett, gerente de cuentas internacionales de Teachstone.

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How Ecuador is Using CLASS to Close the Gap

17 Jun 2016

Did you know that CLASS is now being used in more than 30 countries across the globe? Research studies worldwide have already shown that CLASS has been validated in varying cultural contexts. We are excited to launch an internationally-focused blog on CLASS use around the world called Country Spotlight. If you live in a country outside the United States and would like to submit a blog about your CLASS implementation, please contact Lorena Sernett, Teachstone's international account manager.

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President Signs Every Student Succeeds Act!

14 Dec 2015

Whether it’s an infant cooing in response to a teacher’s gentle voice in an Early Head Start classroom or a second grader delighting in their teacher’s positive feedback in an elementary school classroom down the street, interactions matter in every education setting across the country.

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How to define quality: Let’s start a national discussion

21 May 2015

In my March blog, The Access vs. Quality Debate in Early Childhood Education, I discussed the ongoing debate in early childhood education systems building about increasing access or increasing quality. One thing I failed to do was provide a definition for “quality” early childhood education. I am not alone in this omission. If you were to review most federal, state, and local legislation on early childhood education, you would see a void in defining the word quality. I would argue that this lack of clarity around a central word severely impacts our ability within the nation, state, or locality to move forward in early childhood education systems building. Without a central definition to strive for, to drive for, and to focus upon, it is nearly impossible to build the infrastructure needed to build a quality system.

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A BA Is Necessary but Not Sufficient

24 Apr 2015

Editor's Note: This blog post was written by Teachstone Ambassador Teri Talan for the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership on April 10, 2015. You can read the original post here.

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The Case for Vaccination

30 Mar 2015
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