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Tracy's Training "Stuff": The Best Supplies for a CLASS Trainer

08 Nov 2016 by Tracy Jones

A few years ago (okay so maybe it’s been a few decades ago), the great comedian, George Carlin, did a comedy routine about “Stuff.” If you have never seen it, check it out on YouTube and if you’ve seen it, but it’s been a while watch it again. It’s still funny and it’s still true.

We all have “stuff,” I have my personal life “stuff” and then I have my trainer “stuff.” I like to keep my two “stuffs” separate. I keep all my personal life “stuff” in my house because as Carlin says “that’s what a house is - a place to keep your stuff.”

I like to keep my trainer “stuff” in a carry-on rolling suitcase. Recently my suitcase cracked and now I’m in search of a new “house” to hold my training “stuff.” This search has led me to do some reflective thinking on the amount of and importance of some of my training “stuff.” I will be the first to admit that I don’t travel lightly, but I like to have my “stuff” around me. But honestly, I probably don’t need two sets of speakers, or a dozen assorted flash drives, or an umbrella and a rain poncho, etc. I’ve decided on a few things that I can do without during training and I have also decided on a few things that I can’t do without. So far I’ve come up with four items that will continue to be part of my training “stuff.” 

S'well Water Bottle

I saw it in the San Francisco airport and knew that we were meant to be together. This bottle is beautiful and practical. If I ever become a genie, I will live in this bottle. Until then it will hold about a quart of water. It keeps cold stuff cold for up to 24 hours and hot stuff hot for up to 12 hours. I don’t know about you but when I’m training I need to stay hydrated. So having my water bottle right there makes it easy to do. Refillable water bottles are available in a huge variety of sizes and prices. And they are eco-friendly. I wonder what George Carlin would say about the word “eco-friendly?” 



I think it’s actually called a “presentation remote clicker.” I can use it to advance my PowerPoint presentation while I walk around the room. This way I’m not tied to one spot. It also has a laser pointer that I use quite often. I lost the back to my clicker but it still works so I haven’t replaced it yet. I do forget to turn it off sometimes and this means that I have to change batteries more often than I would like.



Stationary Supplies

stationary-supplies.pngThis includes my abundant supply of multi colored wide tip sharpies, self-adhesive chart paper, name tents and my notebooks. I like to make lots of posters while I’m training so I really rely on my markers. I love the self-adhesive chart paper, too. I can never get that blue painter’s tape to hold anything to the wall. Name tents help me learn my participant’s names. (See previous blog on that subject). And I carry my notebook with me everywhere. I’m almost 53 years old. I’m in a new city, hotel, and car three weeks out of the month. Some days I’m doing good to remember my name. I write everything down. And since I’ve learned to keep all my notes in one notebook my life is much easier.


Monster Duct Tape

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 11.55.37 AM.pngThis has proven to be a lifesaver. I use it to mark all my training equipment, material, supplies, and so forth. When I’m packing up after training I can see at a glance what belongs to me and what doesn’t. I’ve left behind a few things, but for the most part, this little roll of tape has probably saved me hundreds of dollars and hours of worry.


I bet you have some trainer “stuff” that you can’t train without, too. Please take a minute and send me a response in the CLASS Learning Community. I love to hear about other people’s “stuff.”


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