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What's your CLASS Super Power?

06 Jul 2017 by Emily Doyle

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a ladies night with some friends at the movies. We had it all: reclining seats, heavily buttered popcorn, and refreshing beverages. What did we see? Wonder Woman, of course! Not only was the blockbuster action-packed and fun, but it was also inspiring. After the movie, I reflected on the idea that anyone could be a super hero. In fact, in my job here at Teachstone, I interact with everyday superheroes all the time. Just a couple days ago, I spoke to a professional development manager who unexpectedly filled in for a colleague and conducted six additional CLASS trainings in one month! Talk about superpowers! 

As a CLASS educator, you undoubtedly possess great powers when it comes to inspiring others to improve their classroom interactions. Take the quiz below to find out your CLASS super power, then let us know your results!