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    Shortened Webinar: Are You Reliable? The Importance of CLASS Trainings and Certification

    Watch the 14 minute shortened webinar. 

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    Ensure every classroom is measured fairly and accurate as a reliable CLASS observer.  

    States, schools and districts across the country are using the CLASS tool to fairly and accurately measure effective teaching. Educators use CLASS data to monitor and improve the quality of teacher-student interactions within and across classrooms, schools, and districts. To ensure that every classroom is measured fairly and accurately, it’s important that observers use the tool reliably. 

    Watch this webinar to learn about:

    • Why it's important that observers use CLASS reliably
    • What it means to be reliable
    • How you can ensure you remain reliable

    Note: This is a bite-sized version of a full webinar which you can watch here.

    Presented by:


    Sara Diamond, Training Manager, Teachstone


    Sarah Hadden, Senior Advisor, Teachstone


    Watch the Recording