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Emily Doyle

In 2010, Emily joined Teachstone as an office assistant; over the years, she has worn many hats, including a two-plus year stint developing products aimed at improving child outcomes. In her current role as Associate Product Manager, Emily loves putting her creative problem-solving skills to work, innovating and managing products and services that improve classroom interactions. A true people-person, she loves interacting with educators and finding out what makes them tick.

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Nye, 5th–12th grade (Drama Club)

Recent Posts

Six Expert Tips That Will Take the Mystery Out of Reporting

09 Jan 2017

Becoming a myTeachstone expert starts with spending every day in the system--and no one knows more about spending time in myTeachstone than our trusty account management (AM) team! I recently spoke to our resident experts to understand common challenges around using myTeachstone and heard one topic come up again and again: Reporting.

Topics: Getting Started with myTeachstone, Tips and Tools Read More

The Best myTeachstone Resources for Coaches

19 Sep 2016

Coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds, jobs, and educational experiences. You may have “coach” in your job title, use a specific coaching model, and have received formal coach-training; on the other hand, “coaching” may be a less official part of your role but you may often find yourself supporting teachers and colleagues.

Topics: Tips and Tools Read More

5 Ways To Help Teachers Get Started using myTeachstone

30 Aug 2016

Technology is pretty cool. Just think, we have the ability to instantly share photos with friends all over the world, order groceries with a single tap, and in the case of myTeachstone, engage in relevant, individualized professional development from the comfort of your classroom or home. But there are certainly some challenges that technology can’t solve.

Topics: Engagement Strategies, Getting Started with myTeachstone, Tips and Tools Read More

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