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What do we do when we find ourselves “On the Fence?” (Or, How can I get myself ready to run the Turkey Trot?)

21 Nov 2016

Help Teachers Put Interactions at the Top of Their To-Do Lists

21 Nov 2016

Teachers, like all of us, have a limited bank of time and attention.

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How to Use Bonus Content in myTeachstone Part 1: "Look Fors"

18 Nov 2016

We all know that coaches and teachers have many time constraints when working to provide high quality care for young children. We designed myTeachstone to help address time issues by providing numerous and varied resources on effective interactions that allow for meaningful professional development with less face-to-face time.

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5 Exciting Approaches to CLASS From Southern Utah University

26 Oct 2016

Southern State University Head Start

Southern Utah University Head Start (SUU HS) is located in Cedar City, Utah and supports 21 classrooms across a large geographic area. It is funded through Head Start and managed through Southern Utah University.

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myTeachstone and Coaching Webinar

18 Oct 2016
Are you a Coach that's new to myTeachstone? Maybe you've been coaching with myTeachstone but want to learn more. Check out our new myTeachstone Webinar for a refresher. Hosted by Teachstone Product Manager, Emily Doyle, the webinar covers myTeachstone's roots in CLASS, Coaching Principles, Resources & Creative Solutions for Coaches, and more. Topics: Tips and Tools Read More

Professional Development in myTeachstone Just Got Furrier!

06 Oct 2016

To talk about CLASS, you have to start with kids. Beginning anywhere else just doesn’t capture what’s at the heart of CLASS: interactions that help children grow and improve their outcomes.

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The Best myTeachstone Resources for Coaches

19 Sep 2016

Coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds, jobs, and educational experiences. You may have “coach” in your job title, use a specific coaching model, and have received formal coach-training; on the other hand, “coaching” may be a less official part of your role but you may often find yourself supporting teachers and colleagues.

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Wishes Do Come True! myTeachstone Updates: Fall 2016

13 Sep 2016

Ever find yourself thinking, “I wish myTeachstone did just one more thing?”

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Ask Us for Help!

07 Sep 2016

When you hear the words “customer support,” you probably think of a large group of people separated into cubicles and answering every call with generic responses. When you call, you probably don’t expect to ever speak to the same representative twice.

That’s not the case at Teachstone.

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Use Recommendation Pathways to Streamline Your Coaching in myTeachstone

30 Aug 2016

If you’re anything like me, the first time you explored myTeachstone you were intrigued, excited... and, admittedly, overwhelmed. With all the ins and outs of the system, including a massive professional development library with over 500 resources, it’s easy to feel this way.

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