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3 Questions Reveal Whether You Are Maximizing CLASS Observation Data

30 Jan 2017

Okay, it’s a little late for a new year’s resolution. But, let’s face it, we’re all just finally back to full speed after the holiday break. Let’s make a resolution to actually use the data we are spending all this time and energy collecting!

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A Handy Guide to Using DLL Resources in myTeachstone

20 Jan 2017

If you haven't already heard, we've recently added a brand new CLASS-aligned content series to myTeachstone, all focused on supporting dual language learners (DLLs). 

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Six Expert Tips That Will Take the Mystery Out of Reporting

09 Jan 2017

Becoming a myTeachstone expert starts with spending every day in the system--and no one knows more about spending time in myTeachstone than our trusty account management (AM) team! I recently spoke to our resident experts to understand common challenges around using myTeachstone and heard one topic come up again and again: Reporting.

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How to Use Bonus Content in myTeachstone Part 3: Reflective Questions

08 Dec 2016

So far, we have looked at how the look-for text and the CLASS language charts can support teacher learning. For part 3 of this series, let’s examine how the reflective questions in myTeachstone can encourage teacher engagement and reflection.

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How to Use Bonus Content in myTeachstone Part 2: Charts

28 Nov 2016

Last time we looked at how coaches can use the look-for text to focus teacher attention on specific learning objectives. In this post, we’ll consider ways to use the charts in promoting teacher learning. 

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What do we do when we find ourselves “On the Fence?” (Or, How can I get myself ready to run the Turkey Trot?)

21 Nov 2016

How to Use Bonus Content in myTeachstone Part 1: "Look Fors"

18 Nov 2016

We all know that coaches and teachers have many time constraints when working to provide high quality care for young children. We designed myTeachstone to help address time issues by providing numerous and varied resources on effective interactions that allow for meaningful professional development with less face-to-face time.

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myTeachstone and Coaching Webinar

18 Oct 2016
Are you a Coach that's new to myTeachstone? Maybe you've been coaching with myTeachstone but want to learn more. Check out our new myTeachstone Webinar for a refresher. Hosted by Teachstone Product Manager, Emily Doyle, the webinar covers myTeachstone's roots in CLASS, Coaching Principles, Resources & Creative Solutions for Coaches, and more. Topics: Tips and Tools Read More

The Best myTeachstone Resources for Coaches

19 Sep 2016

Coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds, jobs, and educational experiences. You may have “coach” in your job title, use a specific coaching model, and have received formal coach-training; on the other hand, “coaching” may be a less official part of your role but you may often find yourself supporting teachers and colleagues.

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Ask Us for Help!

07 Sep 2016

When you hear the words “customer support,” you probably think of a large group of people separated into cubicles and answering every call with generic responses. When you call, you probably don’t expect to ever speak to the same representative twice.

That’s not the case at Teachstone.

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