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    50 Stories, 50 States: Alabama

    How one state implemented CLASS. 


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    "The other day, one of my coaches said, ‘Oh my, Tara! I walked into the classroom and I saw an interaction, and I just wanted to sit down and have a great conversation with this teacher. Before CLASS I would have never considered that a part of my coaching role.” —Tara Skiles, Training Specialist, Office of School Readiness


    In this installment of our 50 Stories in 50 States series, you’ll learn:

    • Why Alabama’s Office of School Readiness (OSR) uses CLASS as an observational tool, not an assessment 
    • Why Alabama chose to use CLASS to guide classroom quality after using the Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) 
    • Why Alabama is choosing individualized professional development over one-size-fits-all models

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