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CLASS in the News and What We're Reading

Teachstone in the News:

  • Curry's Impact is Improving Schools in South America, Central Asia (UVA Today) - “We have more than a decade of research showing that the CLASS tool is effective in identifying and improving the quality of teaching and learning in American classrooms,” LoCasale-Crouch said. “But we were surprised to learn that the tool was also helpful in identifying the key contributors to children’s development in the same way in rural Ecuador.”
  • The Never-Ending Struggle to Improve Head Start (The Atlantic) - "An evaluation tool, known as CLASS, evaluates how emotionally connected preschool teachers are to their charges—a critical element of successful teaching for young children..."
  • 'High-quality' Pre-K: The Phrase Everyone Loves, But Few Know How to Gauge (Newsworks) - "Then there’s the trick of measuring all that happens in a pre-K classroom without being overly prescriptive or intolerably vague. At present, Keystone STARS uses a tool called ECERS-R (the "Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale, Revised") to evaluate almost everything about a pre-K facility — from the academic lessons to the physical space. The RFA brief finds promise in another rating system called CLASS ("Classroom Assessment Scoring System") that examines teacher-student interactions with more detail."

What We're Reading:



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