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    What Is Data-Driven PD and Why Does it Work?

    Best in CLASS: Coaching Teachers on the CLASS

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    Best in CLASS: Coaching Teachers on the CLASS

    Hilary Ritt, PhD,

    Director of Content, Teachstone

    Many programs invest in coaching, either because it's a required component of their QRIS or because they see coaching as a way to meet outcome goals (and sometimes both). Not all coaching programs result in the outcomes administrators hope to see, however. What makes the difference between strong outcomes and weak outcomes, and what can you do to ensure your coaching program is on the right track? Join us in the webinar as we explore core elements for effective coaching and how CLASS can be used as part of a systematic approach for improving teaching quality.


    Hilary Ritt

    Director of Content, Teachstone


    As Director of Content, Hilary ensures quality delivery of our trainings for professional development. From design and development to support of effective facilitation, Hilary works across the company to be sure our trainings aimed at improving teacher-child interactions are outstanding. Hilary comes to Teachstone from the University of Virginia teacher-training program where she earned her PhD in Instructional Technology and guided pre-service math and science teachers in the integration of technology into instruction.

    When away from the office, Hilary enjoys cycling through beautiful central Virginia, sampling new ice cream flavors, and having fun with her son.

    Favorite Teacher: Mr. Walsch, 11th grade (Physics)


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