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    What Is Data-Driven PD and Why Does it Work?

    Findings from Our 2015 State of CLASS Survey

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    Help teachers improve the quality of their interactions with children.


    Findings from Our 2015 State of CLASS Survey

    Emily Doyle, Product Manager, Teachstone

    Lisa Rogoff, Director of Marketing, Teachstone

    Get an overview of what we learned after surveying almost 3,000 people to learn about how CLASS data is being used to improve teacher-child interactions.


    Emily Doyle

    Product Manager, Teachstone


    In 2010, Emily joined Teachstone as an office assistant; over the years, she has worn many hats, including a two-plus year stint developing products aimed at improving child outcomes. In her current role as product manager, Emily loves putting her creative problem-solving skills to work, innovating and managing products and services that improve classroom interactions. A true people-person, she loves interacting with educators and finding out what makes them tick.

    Outside of the office, you can find Emily hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband and doggy, painting those same mountains in her basement “art studio,” or visiting local vineyards … also in the mountains.

    Favorite Teacher: Mr. Nye, 5th–12th grade (Drama Club)



    Lisa Rogoff

    Director of Marketing, Teachstone

    Before joining Teachstone, Lisa worked for various nonprofit organizations and government agencies across the education, international development, and conflict resolution fields. At Teachstone, Lisa has merged her passion for improving educational outcomes for all children with effective and sustainable business practices. When she’s at work, Lisa plans all our marketing efforts to the last detail, but in her spare time, she loves to travel to weird, random places with zero plans in place. She loves to run, cook, and backpack, and to spend quality time with her husband, two children—Oliver and Maddy—and (mostly) well-behaved dog, Winston. Lisa earned a dual master’s degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and McDonough School of Business and a BA in philosophy from Colgate University.


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