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    Webinar on CLASS-based PD with MTP Coaching

    Webinar: I've Learned, I've Measure, Now What? Improve with MTP Coaching and CLASS-Based Professional Development

    A one-hour webinar to help you improve PD with the MTP coaching program. 

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    Enage your teachers and improve interactions with CLASS-based professional development. 

    Effective teacher-child interactions are essential to children’s learning and development. Teachers who engage in CLASS-based professional development improve their moment-to-moment interactions with students.

    Through the MyTeachingPartner (MTP) Coaching program, teachers learn to carefully observe their own practice—identifying their most effective interactions, building on what’s working well, and ultimately boosting the effectiveness of their interactions with children. 

    The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) framework serves as the foundation for this one-on-one program by providing a structure for understanding and improving these important interactions throughout the program year. View this webinar to learn about Teachstone’s research-based professional development, including the MTP Coaching model, and find out how you can implement MTP in your program to improve teacher-child interactions.

    Sedra Spano

    Sedra Spano

    Client Implementation Manager, Teachstone

    Chau Bang Nguyen

    Chau Bang Nguyen

    Early Learning Mentor Coach, Parents In Community Action, Inc. (PICA)

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