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    What Is Data-Driven PD and Why Does it Work?

    How CLASS Supports Teachers & Children: Transitions, ESSA, & Beyond

    Bridging the Gap Birth Through 3rd Grade 

    A one-hour recording. 

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    The majority of state, regional, and district implementations of the CLASS methodology are focused on birth through pre-K programs. 

    However, Teachstone is beginning to see education programs using the CLASS to “bridge the gap” between the early learning and the K-12 worlds. Because of the domain and dimension similarities in CLASS pre-K and CLASS K-3, the CLASS as common “language and lens” can act as a powerful communication, transition, and professional development tool for teachers across both age levels. Join Rebecca Berlin, Chief Strategy Officer, to learn how CLASS has been used in state and district programs as a way to provide continuity across programs, as well as how ESSA funding can be used to support this alignment, transition, and professional development work.

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    Rebecca Berlin, Chief Strategy Officer, Teachstone

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