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    Webinar: Train Your Instructors to Deliver In-Depth CLASS Training with MMCI

     Recording of live webinar. 


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    Scale CLASS in your program with MMCI and myTeachstone.


    TITLE: Train Your Instructors to Deliver In-Depth CLASS training with MMCI

    Emily Doyle, Product Manager, Teachstone

    Mamie Morrow, Professional Development Specialist, Teachstone

    DURATION: 60 min.

    Making the Most of Classroom Interactions, better known as MMCI, provides a way to train your instructors to be CLASS experts and deliver a 10-session course to teachers. This webinar describes the program in all its layers: from instructor certification to the teacher training they deliver. You’ll also learn about how other organizations found research-proven success using MMCI, and get a sneak preview of our online platform, myTeachstone, which can serve as a foundation for this powerful program.


    Emily Doyle

    Product Manager, 


    In 2010, Emily joined Teachstone as an office assistant; over the years, she has worn many hats, including a two-plus year stint developing products aimed at improving child outcomes. In her current role as Associate Product Manager, Emily loves putting her creative problem-solving skills to work, innovating and managing products and services that improve classroom interactions. A true people-person, she loves interacting with educators and finding out what makes them tick. She also is a regular contributor to the Teachstone Blog


    Mamie Morrow

    Professional Development Specialist, 


    In 2013 Mamie joined Teachstone as a MyTeachingPartner (MTP) coach and now enjoys her role as a Professional Development Specialist. She loves using the CLASS system to help teachers increase and enrich classroom interactions. Her diverse background as an early childhood and elementary teacher in schools around the world helps her to form meaningful connections with educators. Having worked with children in New Mexico, Germany, Guam, Alaska, Japan, Washington DC and Florida, she appreciates the powerful impact effective interactions have on children. Mamie lives in Florida with her husband and two young daughters. She also contributes to the Teachstone blog.

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