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    Webinar: Train Your Instructors to Deliver In-Depth CLASS Training with MMCI

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    Scale CLASS in your program with MMCI and myTeachstone. 

    TITLE: Train Your Instructors to Deliver In-Depth CLASS training with MMCI

    Emily Doyle, Product Manager, Teachstone

    Mamie Morrow, Professional Development Specialist, Teachstone

    DURATION: 60 min.

    Making the Most of Classroom Interactions, better known as MMCI, provides a way to train your instructors to be CLASS experts and deliver a 10-session course to teachers. This webinar describes the program in all its layers: from instructor certification to the teacher training they deliver. You’ll also learn about how other organizations found research-proven success using MMCI, and get a sneak preview of our online platform, myTeachstone, which can serve as a foundation for this powerful program.


    Emily Doyle

    Product Manager, 




    Mamie Morrow

    Professional Development Specialist, 



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