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    What Is Data-Driven PD and Why Does it Work?

    Using CLASS with ALL Children: We Are All in This Together

    How interactions may look different based on children's individual needs.


    June 28, 2 p.m. ET


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    The types of effective teacher-child interactions delineated in the CLASS are important for ALL children.


    Regardless of ability level or language background, all children benefit from being in warm, supportive environments where they can develop strong relationships with their teachers and peers. Similarly, all children deserve increased opportunities to learn in well-managed classrooms where teachers provide interesting and engaging instruction that increases children’s knowledge and skills. Join Teachstone’s Senior Advisors of Research and Public Policy, Sarah Hadden and Amy Stephens Cubbage, as they discuss how interactions may look different based on the child’s individualized needs and method of communicating. They will outline considerations that should be made when observing in diverse classrooms.


    Presented by:


    Amy Cubbage, Senior Advisor, Public Policy, Teachstone


    Sarah Hadden, Senior Advisor, Research and Professional Services, Teachstone

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