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    Webinar: Using myTeachstone to Deliver on the Promise of CLASS

    Recording of live webinar. 


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    Learn how myTeachstone can make a difference at your organization.


    TITLE: Using myTeachstone to Deliver on the Promise of CLASS

    Hannah Templeton,  Product Manager, Teachstone

    DURATION: 50 min.

    Whether your organization is just beginning to consider using CLASS or deeply into a CLASS implementation, there is a good chance myTeachstone can support your efforts. myTeachstone is an online subscription service that couples CLASS observation data with personalized professional development. It’s built for everyone that touches CLASS, including observers, coaches, teachers, and administrators. This webinar provides a tour of myTeachstone and an overview of it’s most impactful features.


    Hannah Templeton

    Product Manager, 


    Before Hannah joined Teachstone in 2014, she worked as a Product Specialist and Product Manager in two separate, fast paced e-learning companies. She has a keen ear for identifying client needs and figuring out the most effective ways to solve them. Although you can often find her with her head stuck in data and analytics she knows that communication (and interactions!) is key! At Teachstone, Hannah is able to utilize her experience with SAAS based companies to help strengthen the communication between educators and developers, in order to focus on building useful products. Hannah earned her BS from Cornell University.

    When not in the office, you can find Hannah at the vineyard with friends, watching football (Go Steelers!) or cooking with her husband, Stephen, and their dog, Angel Marie Cabrera Bessell-Templeton (she is part of the clean up crew!).

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