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Facilitating vs. Coaching in an MMCI Session

28 Nov 2017

We have all had that moment in the classroom when three-year-old Connor asks us for help. “It won’t fit!” he exclaims as he tries to put the square puzzle piece in the round spot. We have two options on how to respond:

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CLASS Is Like a House

28 Aug 2017

I recently heard about a great analogy about the CLASS tool and I had to share it. I can’t take credit for the idea. Affiliate Trainer, Teresa Bockes, originated the concept, and I loved it the minute I heard it: CLASS is like a house. Let’s build a house step-by-step to learn more about this metaphor.

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How Your Participants can Avoid "Drift" in CLASS Observations

17 Nov 2016

I have been a CLASS observer and trainer for several years now and I’ve been thinking about the concept of “drift.” Drift happens to people who have passed the reliability test, but over time they start scoring subjectively—they let their biases affect the data.

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Remaining Objective: Moving Beyond “I Felt Like...”

12 Feb 2016

Personal biases can challenge observers assessing the quality of teacher-child interactions with the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS). IAssessment in Early Childhood, author Sue Wortham (2005) states that “one cause of observer bias is differences in value systems. It is easy to apply one’s own value system when observing in a school” (pg.114).

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