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10 More Books to Support Social and Emotional Learning

28 Jun 2022 by Isabella Henriksson

Reading aloud is more than just a powerful shared experience–it can also be an important tool for building essential life skills for young children. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is one area that can be developed through the power of reading. 

Last year we introduced thirteen books to help children grow in their Social and Emotional Learning skills. Here are ten more books to share in your home or classroom community in 2022. 

  1. There Might Be Lobsters by Carolyn CrimiThere Might Be Lobsters: Crimi, Carolyn, Molk, Laurel: 9780763675424:  Amazon.com: Books
    Sukie is a small dog with a big problem: there are so many scary things at the beach…there might even be lobsters! This sweet story follows Sukie as she faces her anxiety through helping others in need, teaching children how to acknowledge and face their fears.

  2. The Magical Yet by Angela Ditterlizzi The Magical Yet (The Magical Yet, 1): DiTerlizzi, Angela, Alvarez, Lorena,  Alvarez, Lorena: 9781368025621: Amazon.com: Books
    Perhaps no word is as powerful as “yet” in developing a growth mindset. The Magical Yet turns frustrating moments into learning experiences by reminding readers that just because you can’t ride your bike or tie your shoes yet doesn’t mean that with a little practice and determination they can’t get there. 

  3. I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared by Seth Meyers I'm Not Scared, You're Scared - Meyers, Seth
    Fearful Bear is lucky to have his fearless friend Rabbit to push him out of his comfort zone and face his fears. But when an adventure doesn’t go as planned, the duo must learn together what it really means to be brave. This book, written by the comedian Seth Meyers, is sure to delight both children and adults and remind both that it’s okay to admit that you’re scared.

  4. The Good Egg by Jory JohnThe Good Egg - John, Jory
    When you’re trying to be good and everyone around you is acting bad, you may feel like you are going to crack under all the pressure. That’s how the Good Egg feels in this companion book to The Bad Seed and The Cool Bean which help children navigate complex emotions and relationships.

  5. The Whatifs by Emily KilgoreThe Whatifs - Kilgore, Emily
    Cora is about to have a piano recital but can’t stop worrying. Her constant worries make her an easy target for those pesky Whatifs. She faces the challenge of turning those worries into hopeful thoughts as she prepares for the big show in this story by author Emily Kilgore.

  6. A Blue Kind of Day by Rachel Tomlinson A Blue Kind of Day - Tomlinson, Rachel
    Even children are impacted by depression, and Rachel Tomlinson gently introduces how the blues may feel and how to treat people with empathy and kindness in A Blue Kind of Day. 

  7. Dragons on the Inside (and Other Big Feelings)   by Valerie Coulman Dragons on the Inside (and Other Big Feelings) - Coulman, Valerie
    Sometimes children struggle with their feelings simply because those feelings feel too big to identify. Dragons on the Inside validates those big feelings and helps children identify and understand what exactly is going on on the inside. An additional section for adults provides resources for how to extend the message into everyday activities.

  8. I Want to Be Mad for a While by Barney Saltzberg I Want to Be Mad for a While! - Saltzberg, Barney
    Nobody wants to be mad all the time, but sometimes we want to hold on to our anger, at least for a little while. This story follows a little cat who wants to be mad and teaches young children that it’s okay to feel their feelings, but that after feeling mad, they can feel glad.

  9. Out of a Jar by Deborah Marcero Out of a Jar -
    Llewellyn the rabbit doesn’t like to feel scary emotions like embarrassment or pain, so he stores those feelings in jars where they won’t bother anyone. The problem is that eventually he starts to hide away the good feelings too, feelings of joy and excitement. This follow-up to the best-selling book In a Jar explores what happens when we start to set our feelings free. 

  10. Lizzy and the Cloud by The Fan Brothers Lizzy and the Cloud - Fan, Terry
    Change is tough for anyone, but especially children. In this story readers will watch Lizzy learn how  to let go and accept change as she raises an ever growing pet cloud.

Building relationships through books

It is never too early to start teaching children about their feelings and what better way than through a shared relationship reading? Studies have shown that there is a link between literacy and emotional support, and that students who lacked supportive emotional connections also had lower language skills.

Additional Supports for Building SEL Skills

Did you know Teachstone offers classroom materials and comprehensive guidance to support engaging young children in ways that promote positive social-emotional learning and development?  These CLASS® Support Kits make meaningful interactions easy and effective!


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Infant and Toddler CLASS® Social and Emotional Development Kit: Regulation

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Infant and Toddler CLASS® Social and Emotional Development Kit: Regulation. Bilingual kits coming in September 2022!



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