The CDA with CLASS® program is a 3-course comprehensive online program that supports learners seeking to fulfill the continued education requirements for maintaining their Child Development Associate (CDA) accreditation. This program covers the content and skills required for earning the CDA credential, plus the basics of the CLASS tool. You can earn 12 CEUs (4 per course) and build your CDA Professional Portfolio along the way.

The program is also supported by online facilitators throughout the 24-week experience. Facilitators monitor and participate in discussion threads, provide feedback on assignments, and encourage engagement with weekly messages and communication.

How the CDA with CLASS® Benefits Teachers

This program is amazing and I am always learning new things. It is such an easy program to us. I tell all the teachers in my center to take this class because it nice to learn new things and because it's easy to navigate and fun.

The CDA with CLASS® is flexible, engaging, user-friendly, and helps teachers learn strategies for improving their interactions in the classroom. Educators also benefit from peer-to-peer discussions throughout the course where they can share ideas and ask others in the field for ideas about supporting young learners. Not to mention, this is the only CDA that includes CLASS!

Continuing to grow and learn as an early childhood professional helps benefit not only teachers but also the children and families they serve. The CDA with CLASS® through Teachstone provides continued education with an emphasis on the importance of relationships and interactions.