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3 CLASS® Bilingual Resources to Share!

21 Jun 2021 by Allie Kallmann

Did you know that over 12 million children in the United States (and more every year!) speak a language other than English at home? While the education workforce does not exactly parallel its students’ demographics, we know that many educators are also multilingual. That’s why Teachstone has resources available in both English and Spanish. All children deserve the individualized support and care that best fosters learning - and so do their caregivers and educators.

CLASS® professional development resources are one of the most used tools in Teachstone's teaching-learning process. Let’s take a closer look at three bilingual (English and Spanish) resources for teachers, parents, early childhood advocates, and anyone else interested in CLASS.

Interactions at the Heart of Healing

Interactions at the Heart of Healing is a trauma-informed CLASS professional development series. It’s one of Teachstone’s newest resources and is offered online and on-demand. You can switch between languages as they go through the course at their own pace, exploring the importance of interactions in supporting children, families, and staff. You’ll learn about trauma, its impact on learning and development, and trauma-informed care strategies. With over a year of uncertainty, turmoil, and for many children and families, loss, it has never been more important to be intentional about meeting their needs.

To deepen learning, learners can also participate in a live webinar - facilitated by CLASS experts in English or in Spanish - that helps them bridge the gap from knowledge to practice. Or, groups can engage in a full day of facilitated learning to cover both elements.

Pre-K CLASS Foundations for Teachers

The Pre-K CLASS Foundations for Teachers online course series is a collection of online courses specific to the CLASS tool. Early childhood educators learn about CLASS concepts and the importance of interactions. As you explore the fundamentals of CLASS, or dig deeper into Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, or Instructional Support, you can toggle between English and Spanish instruction. In fact, course assessments are offered in both languages, too!

CLASS® Strategy Cards

Finally, CLASS Strategy Cards are a hands-on, physical resource applicable across age groups. If you or your teachers are focusing on CLASS strategies, you’re probably intentionally increasing the frequency, depth, and duration of the quality interactions already happening in the classroom. That planning can be a lot of work! The CLASS Strategy Cards offer new, CLASS-aligned ideas to support teachers’ growth and development working at the infant, toddler, pre-K, and K-3 age levels. And, you guessed it; they come in both English and Spanish.

Of course, there are so many more resources on our blog, in our webinars, or in the research summaries! But these three offer deep learning in multiple languages and can offer teachers the chance to learn in the language and modality that work best for them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts: What resources do you get excited about? What are we missing from our bilingual resources? Get in touch with us and let us know!


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