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5 Challenges Education Leaders Are Facing in 2021 and How to Move Forward, Together | Free eBook

11 May 2021 by Emily Simon

At Teachstone, our driving vision is to ensure every child experiences life-changing teaching. This mission is why we’re making a commitment to restabilize and improve education for every child, and every educator. And, we know that bringing this commitment to life requires providing education leaders with the support they need to not only face the current challenges, but that will propel towards the future of quality and equity.

Current Challenges, Opportunities for the Future

The last 14 months have been different than most of us could have ever imagined, and even more difficult. The COVID-19 pandemic alongside racial inequities and injustice have brought unimaginable loss, pain, and have further exacerbated the challenges educators have long faced.

Leaders, educators, and families are working together to find ways to overcome:

  1. Ongoing barriers to a quality education workforce
  2. Learning loss and widening academic gaps
  3. Increased trauma and social-emotional need
  4. Existing systemic inequities
  5. Barriers to demonstrate meaningful growth and change

We know these challenges can be overwhelming. And, it’s why we’re sharing in our newest eBook we’re exploring these concerns, sharing leaders’ perspectives, and strategies to build on the opportunities ahead.

5 Challenges Education Leaders Are Facing in 2021 and
How to Move Forward, Together

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Download the Free eBook

Within these challenges, however, lie opportunities. Opportunities to reimagine our future, to create equitable classroom experiences, and to ensure that every child gets to experience life-changing teaching.

As you explore the eBook, we encourage you to continue to reflect on these challenges, the opportunities that lie ahead and join us in crafting the future of education, for every child and every educator.


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