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Wishes Do Come True! myTeachstone Updates: Fall 2016

13 Sep 2016 by Hannah Templeton

Ever find yourself thinking, “I wish myTeachstone did just one more thing?”

At Teachstone we strive to gather your wishes and turn them into relevant, useful functionality that further supports your CLASS implementation. Over the summer, while you were (hopefully!) soaking up some sun and counting constellations under starry skies, our development team was hard at work, turning these wishes into reality.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite new features for teachers and coaches:

Teacher Features

Any teachers in the house?! We know that if myTeachstone is not simple to use, then you won’t use it because you have about a million other things to focus on! Our latest teacher features focus on just that: simplifying use of the system.

Never Miss A Recommendation or Comment Again
Ever wish your PD recommendations worked like text messages, with a red dot next to the ones you needed to review? Wish no more! If you have unread comments, myTeachstone will now let you know in two new ways: on the resource card and in your notifications.

On the resource card itself

In your notifications

Best of all, you can click the notification to be taken directly to the resource!

Resources also now display the context, question or comment posted by your coach, as seen in the example below:


Access Extra Help
You can now access a click-by-click Teacher User Guide by clicking the Help button at the top right of the screen (no matter which page you happen to be on!):

Breadcrumbs make it easier to click around (and they’re not just for the birds!)
Click around to your heart’s content without worrying about finding your way back to a particular page!  Breadcrumbs now display at the top of each screen to show you how to get back to previous pages and the path you took to get to this page.


Coach Features

Raise your hand if coaching is your jam! If you’re a coach, then we hope you’ll be excited to check out these new features--all designed to make it easier to find PD resources and make the world’s best recommendations!

myTeachstone’s PD resource library just got a little more “Google-like”
We added type ahead search so that the system makes search recommendations, as you type, based on common user searches.


We have also added a resource count that changes as you filter and search, so you can always know how many resources fit your criteria.


It’s easier than ever to make data-driven recommendations
We updated the dimension scores table on each teacher’s reporting dashboard to improve your visibility into areas of strength and opportunities for growth. The Suggested PD button leads the way to the resource library, pre-populated with focused resources to support you in creating the world’s most amazing recommendations!


Rest easy, knowing your teachers will see your recommendation
After you have carefully selected the world’s best recommendations, wouldn’t it be great if you could check a box and have your teacher alerted of the recommendation via email? Now you can.


This option will appear at the bottom of the recommendation window for all recommendations. Simply check the box, submit your recommendation, and the system will automatically send an email with all of the recommendation details to that teachers you selected!


Have a feature that you would like to see in myTeachstone? Add a comment below and our Products team will do their best to make your wishes come true!