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A Look at the CLASS Video Library

28 Apr 2014 by Kathryn Surchek

I spend a lot of time in our Video Library, looking at the many ways teachers interact with children effectively. I’m always struck by how present effective teachers are as they respond to children and promote their development! As we prepare the new Infant Video Library—40 strong examples of effective interactions—I teared up many times witnessing the tender nurturing of children’s development. I am so impressed with the teaching I see!

I sat down with Chris Patrick, Teachstone’s Video Content Manager, to learn more about how Teachstone finds such great video. He explained that he’s always on the lookout for stellar classrooms with outstanding teachers that represent a diversity of educational settings. His goal is to capture a realistic, “day-in-the-life” representation of the classroom. After filming, reviewers watch hours of footage to select key moments that tell a story, whether a short one for the Video Library, or a longer segment for coding.

Chris has a vision for expanding the Video Library to include the ability to search by indicator and behavioral marker, new exemplars to demonstrate particularly challenging indicators, and enhanced library featuring videos of mixed effectiveness, and adding in videos to support coaches in their work with teachers. I’m excited about all these initiatives, particularly the searchable feature, which will help me find just the right video to explain a CLASS indicator.

Is there anything you’d like to see in the Video Library? Let’s hear from you—we’re always looking for more ideas!

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