It’s time for Back-to-School which means it’s time to begin another Making the Most of Classroom Interactions (MMCI) cohort! There is so much planning and preparation to do, so where do you start? Let’s check off our things to do on our MMCI back to school supply list.


  • Decide if you will facilitate one session a week, or two sessions a month. Will your sessions be during the day or in the evening? Put these dates of your sessions in your calendar. 
  • Check your schedule for conflicts such as holidays, school closings, or field trips.
  • When you confirm your dates, set a reminder on your calendar 4-6 weeks before your first session. This is the time to order materials and request your training.
  • Remember to put time on your calendar each week (1-2 hours) to prepare for your upcoming sessions. 

MMCI Binder

All MMCI facilitating items are in your binder. Without it, it would be like going back to school without a backpack! The binder has master facilitator and presenter notes. It has details for each activity so that every session runs without a hitch! 

Your CLASS Dimensions Guide and Manual

Was your reliability about to expire this summer? Did you take your manual on vacation to study? Make sure you brought it back with you in your suitcase. And helpful trainer tip: check out the high range of your manual. The descriptions there are a great resource to find classroom examples. These examples will get you through those indicator and behavioral marker introductions.

Highlighters and Sticky Notes

Have highlighters on hand to mark up important “what to say and do” presenter notes. Sticky notes and sticky tabs are the best! Tabs make flipping back and forth between master facilitator and presenter notes a breeze.


  • Check your computer for any updates. Give your computer a tune-up.
  • Are your PowerPoint and QuickTime programs up to date? Make sure that you can play your slides without any challenges.


You will want to have your specialist's phone number and email address handy. They are at the ready to support you with any questions or concerns. Your CLASS specialists can help you plan indicator examples and brainstorm engagement ideas. They can help you deepen your CLASS content knowledge.

Internet access to Teachstone

  • Does your MMCI training include myTeachstone videos? Confirm that the training site has a reliable Internet connection.
  • After each session, log into Teachstone and click on your MMCI instructor panel. Mark attendance.

Your CLASS Lens

The beginning of the school year is a busy time of year. There are back to school nights, parent teacher conferences, and health forms. Classrooms need arranging, and bulletin boards need decorating. Lesson plans need—well, planning! Take a moment and ensure that you have your “CLASSes” handy to help focus your lenses on interactions.

List in hand, we wish you happy back-to-school shopping and Making the Most of Classroom Interactions!


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