We've all been there: amidst an engaging lesson, a disruption occurs, and suddenly, the classroom's energy shifts. It can feel like you're navigating an uphill battle to keep things on track. If you're feeling this weight, Banking Time: Investing in Relationships might just be the game-changer you've been searching for. Focusing on intentional one-on-one interactions, this research-proven method is a powerful tool to minimize disruptions and create an effective and high-quality classroom environment. 

Here are four reasons why Banking Time: Investing in Relationships works: 

Personal Small Moments

Think about it: How often do you get to have a genuine, undistracted moment with each child in your classroom? The Banking Time strategy prioritizes just that, a simple yet powerful premise of dedicating personal moments to each child in the classroom. These interactions not only make children feel truly heard but also provide invaluable insights into what might be causing those disruptive behaviors. And, with clear guidance on how best to plan and schedule these times, it makes building those personal relationships even easier. 

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Instead of constantly putting out fires, wouldn’t it be refreshing to understand the source? Disruptions, more often than not, are cries for attention or understanding. By committing to small 1-1 interactions, you're saying, "I see you, I hear you." Through Banking Time, you can delve deeper into each child's world, addressing those core issues and significantly reducing classroom challenges.

Mutual Benefits: For You and Your Entire Class

You went into teaching to make a difference, to shape young minds. But disruptions can be draining, stealing away from those magical teaching moments. With consistent one-on-one interactions, not only will you regain your classroom's harmony, but you'll also witness real transformations in every child in your classThey'll feel more connected, valued, and understood, reducing their need to seek attention through challenging behaviors.

Ensure Every Child Feels Seen

Every child—whether they're the quiet observer at the back or the energetic soul at the front—deserves to feel valued. Banking Time ensures that no student is overlooked. By spending personal time with each child, you're fostering an environment where every student feels important. When they feel valued, their need for disruptive behaviors often diminishes.


With Banking Time's one-on-one approach, you have a chance to transform your classroom, decrease disruptions, and reconnect with the very reason you began teaching—to positively impact young lives. 

Bring harmony, understanding, and deeper connections into your teaching journey with Banking Time.