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Become Our Partner! Announcing Our New Partnership Program for Coaches and Centers

19 Feb 2015 by Mary-Margaret Gardiner

As a former teacher, coach and Center Director, I remember hearing about new types of professional development and other materials across the early childhood field. I wanted to try everything! But budgets and time are limited, and I always felt like I was missing out on the good stuff.

That’s why in my new role at Teachstone, I’ve developed a way to support early childhood programs in testing out new Teachstone offerings and getting a glimpse into what it means to deliver on the promise of CLASS.

Through our new partnerships program, you can apply either as a Coach or as a Center to team up with Teachstone. If selected, you may find yourself starring in a Teachstone video exemplar, testing a new product, or participating in a focus group. In return, we provide training, professional development, or other support based on your needs.

We’ve just opened our application process and are looking forward to learning more about your work and your program. Please apply here; we’re reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Perhaps, we’ll find ourselves the perfect match!

Apply to Be a Partner

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