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Create CLASS Connections in the new CLASS Learning Community

01 Nov 2017 by Meghan Cornwell

We remember when we first learned about CLASS (it was a long time ago!). It was EXCITING! Interactions are at the core of every moment of the classroom day. And CLASS seemed to draw out everything that we knew would lead to engaged learners and long-term success for children. We wanted to shout CLASS from the rooftops!

As we started our CLASS journey, we realized that it was not only an incredible tool, it was also challenging. Really challenging. It all made sense, but figuring out how to support a teacher with 20 rambunctious children in having meaningful conversations seemed daunting. Explaining what we learned during training to our peers proved difficult. We knew it was needed, but it wasn’t an easy sell.

We wanted so badly to know how others had gone about moving the needle for teachers and children. How had they instilled such powerful interactions across their organizations?

Further down the road, as we thought more about how to scale CLASS in an organization, we realized that gaining buy-in, cultivating a CLASS environment, and just figuring out how to make it fit with everything else going on was no small task. We wanted our organizations to embrace CLASS, but it seemed like there was never enough time or resources.

Again, we longed to have thought-partners who could answer our questions, or at the very least, relate to the uphill battle we were waging.

That’s why we created the CLASS Learning Community!

What's the CLASS Learning Community?

Good question. The CLASS Learning Community, or CLC for short, is a new service where you can interact with teachers, coaches, observers, and administrators—all who wear their "CLASS lenses" with pride. In the CLC you can:

  • Browse, add, and contribute to discussions about the intricacies of the CLASS tool in the forums.
  • Search for and connect with other members in the Public CLASS Directory.
  • Attend exclusive events like Ask Me Anything webinars and real-life meet-ups around the country.

We are so excited to have this Community and to connect such a committed and caring group of educators. Through our work with so many of you, we’ve already witnessed the power of connecting CLASS devotees to one another. We’ve seen the results: better coaching, improved teaching, and stronger outcomes for children.

We’ll be officially launching the CLASS Learning Community in 2018, but we are adding early adopters on a monthly. If you are interested in being one of our first members, you can apply for early access here.


 Introducing the CLASS Learning Community