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CLASS® Makes an Impact in Puerto Rico

04 Dec 2019 by Richard Aguilar

Teachstone continues to fulfill the important role of supporting Spanish-speaking partners who implement CLASS in their programs and communities. In an effort to strengthen our reach to this key base, Teachstone recently hosted a regional conference in Caguas, Puerto Rico. The regional conference offered several CLASS trainings in Spanish as well as translation services for English trainings. Trainings were held from November 4–8 at the headquarters and facilities of Camera Mundi Inc. Camera Mundi is the largest and most comprehensive provider of products, equipment, materials, and services to the educational sector in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

One of the highlights from this weeklong event included a Head Start forum, where Camera Mundi General Manager Jorge G. Díaz Rivera formally announced his organization’s partnership with Teachstone. Mr. Rivera expressed an enthusiasm for the collaboration.

Many local community members and leaders in the field of education attended the forum, which included an overview of Teachstone’s most recently translated products and services. Senior International Advisor Lorena Sernett highlighted Teachstone’s latest efforts in providing CLASS trainings, products, and services in Spanish. Bilingual Community Specialist Richard Aguilar also provided information on several new supports available to Spanish community members, including La Comunidad de CLASS, a Facebook page dedicated to Spanish-speaking educators. 

Over 100 participants attended trainings during the week, most from local Head Start programs, but also a few from Colombia and the US mainland. Teachstone offered Spanish Pre-K and Infant-Toddler Observation Training, A CLASS Primer for Teachers in Spanish (Fundamentos de CLASS para maestros), and Train-the-Trainer for the Pre-K age level.

Overall, turnout for the regional conference in Puerto Rico was robust, and participants were eager to enhance their understanding of the CLASS tool. Teachstone looks forward to the collaborative mission alongside Camera Mundi—and is proud to play its role in advancing the education of children in Puerto Rico and throughout the world.