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As the Community Manager with Teachstone, I have been able to talk to many observers, trainers, coaches, and general CLASS lovers. I have found a common thread among these groups: a desire to connect with other CLASS users and put their CLASS knowledge to use.

We often hear from CLASS Observers that are interested in observing more classrooms. Meanwhile, many organizations—particularly smaller organizations or those doing research studies—don’t have Certified CLASS Observers and are in search of observers in their area.

We created the Observer Directory to bridge the gap between certified observers and organizations doing CLASS observations that do not have their owned trained and certified observers.

HOW IT WORKS:Observer_Directory

  1. Certified CLASS Observers opt into the Observer Directory.
  2. Organizations can request access to the directory and then search for CLASS Observers by state, age level, and language. 

Then, the logistics are up to you. The observer and the organization will determine the best date and time for the observation and be responsible for coordinating payment.

The CLASS Observer Directory is free to both observers and organizations.

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