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Getting to Know the Content & Design Team

27 Sep 2013 by Kathryn Surchek

We're a creative bunch, but generally not too “wild and crazy.” We tend to work quietly as we develop trainings, produce videos, write about any and everything, and enhance the user experience. But with two theater majors, a filmmaker, and a former rugby chief of protocol, you can imagine that we have a lot of fun!

Last week, for instance, we celebrated our team and recent accomplishments at an "Everyday Heroes" luncheon inspired by The Dundies on “The Office” (at Chili’s, of course!). From our Assistant Editor—who was awarded the "Least Likely to Eat Grandpa" title because she knows to put a comma before “Grandpa” in the phrase “Let’s eat, Grandpa!”—to our amazing Tim Gunn "Make it Work" Project Manager, we enjoyed laughing with (and, of course, at) our unique and wonderful colleagues.

Yes, we have CLASS and instructional design expertise; yes, we can make anything look good; and, boy, can we code classrooms! But what other team has the Mary Cassatt of web design, the Benjamin Franklin of Diplomacy, or the Swiss Army Knife of video production?

And now that you’ve met us, we’d like to get to know you as well. Post a comment below about who you are, what you do, and what award you would win if "Forrest Gump" was your manager!