We are thrilled to announce that April 1, 2014, is the expected delivery date of our new bundle of joy, the Infant CLASS™ measure.

Designed for classrooms where children range in age from birth through 18 months, the Infant CLASS measure is organized under one domain that captures the key interactions between caregivers and infants that predict children's learning and development: Responsive Caregiving.

Responsive Caregiving is comprised of four dimensions, including:

  • Relational Climate
  • Teacher Sensitivity
  • Facilitated Exploration
  • Engaged Support for Learning

Together, these dimensions describe classrooms where teachers participate in shared experiences and infant play, attend quickly to infants’ cues and needs, follow infants’ leads and expand on experiences, and engage in back-and-forth communication exchanges.

A key difference between the Infant CLASS Measure and our tools for older age levels is that this measure focuses more on verbal and physical interactions between infants and caregivers and less on classroom management. This is because the degree of sensitivity and interactive skills of teachers are more influential to infant development.

How can you find out more? Visit our website to learn more about how you can purchase the Infant CLASS Dimensions Guide, subscribe to the Infant CLASS Video Library, or be notified when Infant CLASS Observation Trainings begin.