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Impacting the Classroom: A New Podcast Focused on Big Topics

16 Nov 2021 by Meghan Cornwell

We often talk about the stressors educators face within the classroom - from tantrums to a lack of time for planning. But, what external factors are impacting educators, and what can we do to change them to create more meaningful learning experiences? We are excited to introduce our new podcast, Impacting the Classroom, to talk about these big topics in education. 

Join our hosts, Darlene Estes-Del Re and Marnetta Larrimer as they bring together the researchers, policymakers, and educators who are making an impact in the field. Our first episode lays the groundwork for some of the larger themes that we'll dive into further over the next few weeks. Episodes are released biweekly and can be found on most major podcast platforms. Listen and subscribe today!

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About the hosts:

Darlene-Estes-cirlceDarlene Estes-Del Re, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Teachstone

Dr. Darlene Estes-Del Re works with existing and new partners to support their efforts in ensuring every child and every educator has access to high-quality early learning experiences, education, and supports. Darlene’s early childhood career expands across the public and private sectors, including Montessori, magnet schools, state-funded preschool, state education agency work, and higher education.


Marnetta-Larrimer-cirlceMarnetta Larrimer, Professional Services Manager, Teachstone

Marnetta Larrimer gained her experience in the field of early childhood education by serving in many roles, including owning an award-winning family child care, directing a public pre-K program, and teaching infants, toddlers, and pre-K children in different settings. She's also worked at a Child Care Resource and Referral Agency where she did training, coaching, child assessments, and adjunct work at the university. 

Episode 1: What's Going on in Education?

The first episode of Impacting the Classroom addresses what’s going on in education at the highest level.  Guests include Suzann Morris and Dr. Veronica Fernandez. Suzann Morris is the Senior Director of Public Policy and Government Relations at Teachstone. Dr. Veronica Fernandez is the Senior Director of Social Impact at Teachstone. Listen in to hear what they have to say about better meeting children’s and teachers’ needs, what classrooms need in order to drive equity, and what can be done with new funding that will move the field forward.

The conversation focuses on the issues surrounding the ongoing pandemic and the Great Resignation which has only made the already challenging field of early childhood education even more challenging. In this episode, you’ll hear about some of the issues that exist in this difficult time and how they can be addressed. You’ll also learn more about the push for equity in early childhood classrooms and what that can mean for the outcomes of educators and children alike.



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