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Introducing the Toddler CLASS Train-the-Trainer Program!

21 Oct 2013 by Emily Doyle

Does this sound like you?

  • You're a Certified Toddler CLASS Observer.
  • You have experience coding toddler classrooms.
  • You possess strong public speaking skills.
  • You would like to train and support your colleagues in using the CLASS system.

If so, we hope you'll consider registering for our newly released Toddler CLASS Train-the-Trainer program. Over three days, and with the support of a Teachstone CLASS expert, you will enhance your knowledge of the CLASS measure, practice effective training strategies, and gain a license to deliver toddler CLASS programs to colleagues within your organization.

Once you become a Certified Toddler CLASS Trainer, you will receive trainer materials to facilitate the following programs:

  • Introduction to the Toddler CLASS Tool program—this program provides an excellent “first glance” for teachers preparing to be observed on the CLASS measure, or anyone interested in learning about the CLASS tool.
  • Toddler CLASS Observation Training— this training is the first step in earning observer certification. It is ideal for coaches, education managers, directors, or anyone wishing to observe toddler classrooms using the Toddler CLASS measure.

Earlier in October, we launched our very first Toddler TTT program in Alexandria, Virginia. Here’s what one participant had to say about her experience:

I thoroughly enjoyed the TTT. It was an opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the tool …. [My training included] multiple opportunities to practice debriefing and leading the discussion on each dimension in a supportive setting.

As someone who has both contributed to developing TTT materials and benefited from attending TTT programs, I encourage you to visit the Teachstone website to learn more about our Toddler TTT training options!