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Overcome These 5 Common Coaching Challenges with myCoach Connect

05 Apr 2021 by Allie Kallmann

The 2021 InterAct CLASS Summit brought together incredible speakers and practitioners from across the globe. It energized us, emboldened us, and excited us about new opportunities - like myCoach Connect.

myCoach Connect, developed in partnership with Torsh Inc., will transform how you view, receive, and deliver practice-based coaching to teachers in your program. It brings together innovative technology from Torsh with Teachstone’s staff of expert, certified CLASS® coaches to drive program improvement, classroom quality, and student outcomes.

It’s the solution to these 5 common challenges associated with coaching practices:

  1. Cost: It’s expensive to have full-time, certified coaches on staff to support all teachers.

    myCoach Connect brings you an expert coach at a low cost, with no overhead. It connects your teachers with a smart-matched member of our certified CLASS coach community. Not only is the service more cost-effective,  it also gives your teachers access to a coach who shares similar background, experience, and expertise in the areas they most need support.

  2. Convenience: It’s difficult to travel and informally observe and meet with teachers on site.

    myCoach Connect enables informal observing and conferencing to happen virtually, at your fingertips, all in one secure platform. Teachers can record and upload videos directly from mobile devices, without any need for specialized equipment. When coaches and teachers are able to refer back to their previous sessions, time-stamped feedback, and action plans all in one place, they can easily see progress - without digging through notes or physical paperwork.

  3. Capacity: It’s challenging to maintain effective coach-to-teacher ratios.

    Too often, staff coaches are pulled in many directions. Instead of meaningfully engaging with a few teachers, they may be pulled in to other program needs, need to meet leadership responsibilities, or even cover for classroom teachers when substitutes are scarce. With myCoach Connect, our coaches’ only focus is the relationship with their limited number of coaches. Feedback is in-depth and tailored to each teacher, because it’s all we do.

  4. Consistency: It’s complicated to schedule consistent sessions.

    In even the most well-organized programs and schools, finding a time that works for both coach and teacher can feel like playing 3-D chess. Challenges associated to cost and capacity can also affect the frequency and consistency of coaching sessions. That’s why myCoach Connect lets teachers take control. Coaching sessions are scheduled around educators’ unique needs - we are here on your time!

  5. CLASS Expertise: Even in a CLASS-savvy organization, coaching with CLASS can be difficult.

    Even in organizations that have developed a culture of CLASS, our expert coaches can bring fresh eyes to support educators’ development. Our myCoach Connect coaches are there when your organization is working toward specific CLASS goals, such as preparing for monitoring. Each certified coach has the specific, specialized content knowledge to help teachers hone in on the skills that they need most to succeed.

CLASS focuses on the teaching practices that research shows are critical for children’s development. And as current evidence from the field shows, practice-based coaching is a key lever to meaningful improvement. By bringing the two together, myCoach Connect can help your teachers - and students - develop to their fullest potential.

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