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Teachstone Joins the Early Care and Education Consortium

23 Sep 2014 by Amy Stephens Cubbage

Until all children in America have access to high quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood experiences, and until all early childhood providers and teachers receive the training and financial support they require to ensure their commitment and competence, as many advocates as possible are needed to speak out on behalf of children. – Adele Robinson and Deborah Stark, Advocates in Action (NAEYC 2005)

A new public opinion poll shows 7 in 10 Americans favor using federal money to ensure the availability of high quality preschool for every child in America. Still, we continue to scramble to make up for long overdue improvements and increases in funding streams such as the keystone Child Care and Development Block Grant Act, not reauthorized since 1996. We must continue to speak out for children and quality early childhood education and find new ways to do so, translating opinion into action.

In that spirit, we are thrilled to add our voice as new members of the Early Care and Education Consortium (ECEC). Founded in 1999 as an alliance of providers and child care associations and educational services organizations, ECEC gives a unified voice to those who put into action federal and state policies and advocates for investments for children and families. As partners of ECEC, Teachstone will:

  • Share our resources and knowledge of the importance of teacher-child interactions in high quality early childhood education
  • Contribute to policy and advocacy work needed to push forward an agenda on behalf of all children across the country

What a wonderful opportunity!

To learn more about ECEC and the resources available, visit their website.

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