Teachstone is pleased to announce the new CLASS® Observer Fellows Program to further its goal of representing underserved communities within the early education environment.

Improving student outcomes in pre-K through third grade requires an emphasis on not just the content being taught but how it is administered. CLASS Observers who represent the communities in which they collect data — especially communities that are underserved or made up of underrepresented languages — are more aware of the subtle, cultural nuances often overlooked by white, monolingual observers..

Teachstone seeks to improve classroom interactions and maximize children’s potential as they develop the critical skills to self-regulate, communicate, and think. Its Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®) helps educators focus, measure, and improve interactions within the pre-K through third-grade learning environments. This journey of continuous improvement is data-driven, with a focus on interactions that will enhance student outcomes. However, the current makeup of Teachstone’s Certified CLASS Observer community is primarily white English speakers, a contrast to the overall demographics within the early childhood workforce. The Fellows program seeks to correct this imbalance by recruiting and elevating racially and linguistically diverse observers, ultimately bringing more diversity to the CLASS community.

For the 2022-2023 CLASS® Observer Fellows Program, Teachstone is seeking 30 participants. Applicants should be: interested in becoming CLASS Observers, BIPOC educators OR are fluent in one or more languages (excluding English) and interested in conducting observations in educational settings where those languages are used are also encouraged to apply.

Each Fellow will train for certification in Summer 2022 as an Observer for either the Infant and Toddler or Pre-K and K-3 CLASS. Fellows will receive their training, certification, and specialized support from Teachstone at no cost. In return, they will provide feedback on their experiences and take part throughout the year in Teachstone’s podcasts, blogs, and other activities that amplify their personal experience and voice as an education leader.

Along with the complimentary training, Fellows will receive live group calibrations at the start of each semester and individual support from Teachstone to achieve their Observer certification. Additional takeaways to aid participants in their development as early childhood educators include a marketing kit to facilitate data collection opportunities; discounted tickets to InterAct 2023, Teachstone’s virtual summit; networking opportunities; and promotion on the Teachstone website with a highlight in the Observer Directory.

The application to join the current Fellows Program is open until April 11, 2022. Interested parties may review a tentative timeline and access the application form through the Observer Fellows web page. Direct questions about the program or application to contact@teachstone.com. Teachstone will notify applicants of their acceptance in late April.


About Teachstone

With decades of early childhood education research as a foundation, Teachstone offers products and services to help schools unlock teacher potential while creating a culture of quality improvement and supporting children’s social, emotional, and developmental success. Teachstone’s CLASS scoring system is currently used in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) and Head Start programs throughout the United States. Learn more about Teachstone and its offerings at www.teachstone.com.