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Baby Steps: A Walk through the Infant CLASS Tool Development Process

14 Feb 2014 by Ginny Vitiello

We’re so lucky at Teachstone® that people see value in what we do. Thank goodness—for many reasons—that stakeholders in the early childhood community urgently want to focus on teacher-child interactions. Yes, it means that we all have jobs. But it also means that word is getting out that these things really matter.

The one time it creates a challenge for us is when we release a new age level of the CLASS™ system. We want to release it when it’s ready, which means that the authors are confident that it measures the right constructs and can be used reliably. But we always get requests to use new age levels before they’re ready to go, and then we’re stuck. Push it out before we’re fully confident? Or say no to those requests?

We end up asking people to wait; we can’t put something out there that hasn’t been fully vetted. To give you a sense of why it sometimes takes so long, here’s the process the Infant CLASS tool went through (and is still going through!) to be ready by April:

The result, we hope, is an Infant CLASS manual that gets at the interactions that matter most for babies, and a training that will get observers ready to code.

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