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What We’re Reading: The Cost of Childcare

04 Apr 2018 by Allie Kallmann

Okay, this is a slight change from our usual “What We’re Reading” posts. Instead of highlighting a particular article, we wanted to share an interesting application of research: this childcare cost calculator from the Center for American Progress. You can use it to estimate the impact of improving different parts of structural quality (the infrastructure that surrounds teaching, like teacher-child ratios, the physical space, and materials) on the cost of care.

How does this relate to CLASS? CLASS measures elements of process quality, the day-to-day experiences and interactions that help children learn. While it’s possible for educators to provide high-quality, nurturing care in any environment, there’s evidence that some aspects of structural quality support higher process quality. What’s more, teacher compensation plays a substantial role in providing ongoing, high-quality care.

Playing with the childcare calculator is a reminder that the quality interactions that are essential for child development don’t come cheaply. It highlights the systemic challenges to ensuring that all young children have life-changing teachers and early learning experiences. For example, in Teachstone’s home state of Virginia, the childcare calculator estimates the baseline cost for one child to attend preschool at $822 per month. But if we paid early childhood educators the same as kindergarten teachers, provided retirement benefits, and increased health insurance contributions to the national employer average, the estimated cost jumps to $1,323—about a quarter of an average Virginia family’s monthly income!

Take a look at the tool and see the financial effects of improving quality. How much would costs go up in your state? And how much would children benefit?

Source: https://www.costofchildcare.org/

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