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Remember America’s Funniest Home Videos? I’m talking about the old school, nineties version that was hosted by Bob Saget (Full House aficionados will remember him as “Danny Tanner”). America lovedthat show; I loved that show. An early precursor to YouTube, AFV was a show that collected and shared authentic home videos ranging from the “warm and fuzzy” to the “just plain silly.” As we review classroom video here at Teachstone, I’m reminded of AFV every once in a while as we stumble upon short clips that make us smile, giggle, and sometimes even tear up.

More than simply providing a bit of nineties nostalgia, these videos remind us that kids are awesome—and if you work in education, they are probably the reason you do what you do every day! As one teacher recently told me, “I teach because kids are more fun than adults!” Here’s a short clip to remind you why kids are great!

The video features a pre-K teacher reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar during whole group. Just watch how the children react when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly—you can’t buy that kind of genuine enthusiasm! Kudos to this teacher and these kids for reminding us how much fun learning can be!

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