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Building Rapport with an Icebreaker Activity

Look For

As you watch this video, look for how the trainer:

  • Facilitates an icebreaker activity to build group rapport
  • Uses the participants’ names
  • Jokes and smiles with the participants
  • Affirms the participants’ comments


How does sharing information about yourself and knowing information about your training participants benefit both you and the participants? Where are some of these same ideas captured in the CLASS tool?

Read the blog post The Importance of Building Rapport with Teachers. Though targeted to CLASS coaches, the tips in this post can be applied to trainings as well.

Research and write down in your training materials two icebreaker activities that you can use in your next training. Consider what your own answers to the activity questions would be. If possible, practice leading one of the activities with a small group of coworkers or friends.

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