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What is the CLASS Learning Community? 

Interactions are at the core of every moment of the classroom day. But it’s also challenging. Whether you support a struggling teacher, scale CLASS in an organization, gain buy-in, cultivate a CLASS environment, or improve your daily interactions with children—your work is tough—but you are not alone in your journey. That's why we are excited about the CLASS Learning Community! The CLASS Learning Community is a place where anyone can:


+ Network with other CLASS educators

+ Access exclusive content and events

+ Get recognized for your work in the Certified CLASS Directory


Join the CLASS Learning Community




prefer Facebook?

We have a Community for you too! Our Facebook CLASS Community is open to anyone with CLASS stories, questions, or celebrations.


¿Sabías? ¡Tenemos una página de la Comunidad en Facebook que está disponible para hispanohablantes!

Tenemos una página oficial de Teachstone en Facebook   dedicada exclusivamente para brindar apoyo y mejorar la experiencia de CLASS para nuestros miembros de la comunidad que hablan español.